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Entrepreneurship is a process where one person getting himself self employed provides job to others also. The person is called “entrepreneur”. He acts as a leader. In India only 8 per cent of the small scale-manufacturing units are run exclusively by women entrepreneurs, which are proportionately very small as compared to other, developed & developing countries. We can see, USA alone, about 50 percent of the business is owned by women.

Various efforts are being made to improve the status of women; women folk have not take their maximum use & remain still backward. In almost all countries, the government are providing special provisions for women’s  development & efforts are being made to extract maximum use of women’s talent.

According to society it is need of time working for make women entrepreneurship and  and increasing their participation in economic activities. For  develop women entrepreneuship society choose home based industries like handicrafts, Beedi industry, Agarbatti making, Tailoring and Garment. Under these programmes society tech & training by SHGs formed.