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The Environment pollution menace is one of the most serious problems, which world is facing today. Our environment is getting more and more degraded with every passing day. Nature has blessed us with the environment, which is free of all pollutants. But man has indiscriminately pollution is normally of three kids:  1. Air pollution 2. Water pollution 3. Noise pollution. Our air is being contaminated by the smoke emitted by chimneys of factories, the exhaust gases . The amount of carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide is increasing beyondpermissible limits in the menace of air pollution is the greatest. Deforestation on a large scale has further led to serious hard by deforestation. Deforestation has also led to destruction of wild life. Thus the modern man has appeared to be sworn enemy of the flora and fauna, which play a crucial role in maintaining ecological balance.

The pollution menace is further heightened by atmospheric  pollution caused by noise. Noise has been recognized as one of the great pollutants in so far it affects our health very adversely. The plying automobile , the running trains, the flying airplanes and the blaring loudspeaker emit noise, which affects our nervous system. Lately, the generators used to generates electricity have made things still more serious. They not only emit poisonous carbon dioxide, but also cause so much noise that when they are on; it is difficult to hear what other is saying. We should be taken to contain this treat. First of all, there is needed to inculcate in all the people consciousness about the harmful effects of environment pollution. A separate ministry for environment and forests has been created at the entry. The states are carrying out extensive a forestation programme. The factory owners are being forced to adopt anti- pollution measures.