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India is sitting on an HIV/AIDS “time-bomb” and the epidemic could soon become like it in Africa unless immediate steps are taken to accelerate efforts to stem it. This is the warning from the head of an international survey agency. “HIV/AIDS deadly disease in India is extremely grave. It is ticking time bomb. The epidemic is rising rapidly and could soon get out of control, unless the response was scaled up massively.”

The trajectory of the epidemic in India is the same as that in Africa and though the current level of the epidemic here may be 10 to 15 years behind that in Africa, it may not be long before it catches up. The catastrophic situation being faced in Botswana and other parts of Southern Africa “is just a vision of the future” that India could face. In Bihar and Jharkhand, for instance, no one knows how many persons are affected.

Your organization has outlined an integrated intervention programme, to be run in Bihar & Jharkhand project areas. The PROJECT MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE  of your organization, discrimination, they are likely to shy away form blood tests that are the only way to discover their the chances of the infection being passed on to others.

Our government practices to awareness people about HIV/AIDS through print & tele media and own health care center, but not proper success to attain. Under the action plan the following areas will be covered.

  1. AIDS – The invisible Inferno
  2. The Human Immunodeficiency Virus
  3. The Clinical Features
  4. Pediatric AIDS
  5. Pathology of AIDS
  6. Spectrum of Infection
  7. Cancers- The Added Agony
  8. AIDS – Related Complex(ARC) – An Early Clue
  9. Diagnostic Approach
  10. Treatment
  11. Prevention- Only Sure Cure